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Next Generation Fleet Tracking & Management

A powerful suite of tools for managing your fleet and mobile workforce.
Scalable technology that transforms the way you do business, giving you the competitive edge.
We deliver more features & value than any other provider - guaranteed!

Over ten years of research and development has produced the most advanced mobile workforce management solution currently available. By combining the latest GPS tracking technology, Bluetooth, IoT, cloud platform, and mobile apps, we deliver solutions for any industry and any size operation. If your business has a fleet of vehicles, mobile workforce, or assets that need to be tracked, monitored, and managed, then TrackIt is the solution for you.

Feature Overview
Real-Time Tracking
Know exactly where your team are, improve productivity & customer service
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Fleet Management
Ensure compliance, manage WOF/COF/Rego/RUC, Fuel card integration, Workshop & Servicing, Defect Management, and much more...
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Health & Safety
Driver Behaviour, Hours of Service (HOS), Checklists, Hazards, Incidents, Tail Gate Meetings, Site Inductions and more...
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Transport & Logistics
Job Scheduling & Dispatch, Route Planning & Optimisation, Electronic Dockets with POD, Inventory and Rostering
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Job Scheduling & Dispatch
Get more work done with the same resources and in less time with Job Scheduling, Dispatch, Inventory, Purchasing and Invoicing.
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Pool Booking
Optimise your fleet, guarantee compliance, and reduce operating costs.
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Road User Charges

Streamline your RUCs with auto purchasing and off road refunds

Workshop Servicing

Preventative maintenance plans & schedules, defect management & reminders


Get control of your drivers, vehicles, shifts, roles, runs, servicing, leave & sick days

Electronic Forms

Pre-start Checks, Health & Safety Questionnaires, Site Inspections and much more

Route Planning

Dramatically reduce costs with Route Planning and Optimisation

Driver Behaviour

Driver scorecard, speeding & idling alerts, KPI dashboards and reports

Health & Safety

Driver Behaviour, Hours of Service (HOS), Checklists, Hazards, Incidents & more

Pool Booking

Improve utilisation, reduce operating costs and optimise your fleet

Job Scheduling

Take control of your jobs, boost productivity, and improve customer service

Tool Tracking

Track all your equipment cost effectively. Avoid theft and optimse use.


Ensure accurate wages and eliminate fluffing with GPS verified timecards.

Driver Logbook

Hours of service (HOS) made easy with simple 'big button' functionality
About TrackIt

The TrackIt platform delivers a powerful suite of tools for managing your mobile workforce and fleet.
Get the most out of your resources by improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and increasing profits.

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