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RUC licensing can tie up valuable administrative time and cause issues out on the road with police oversight. Remove all the manual process with TrackIt’s RUC management. Our bespoke system interacts directly with NZTA and takes all the heavy lifting out of your hands. We have many customers surprised with the returns they receive from offroad claims. Our LINZ driven geofences capture offroad travel more accurately than other systems.



Significantly reduce the administrative hassle and costs of managing and buying Road User Charges (RUCs) for your vehicles. The TrackIt RUC solution makes the whole process a relatively automated task.

Reminders can automatically notify administrators when the remaining distance on a RUC licence is getting low and a new RUC licence needs to be purchased. With a few simple clicks, you can apply for a new RUC licence for either a single vehicle or multiple vehicles at the same time.

TrackIt’s advanced dashboards let you see the status of the RUC licences for all your vehicles on a single screen, letting you know the distance remaining on each RUC licence and the estimated purchase date for the next RUC licence, based on historical vehicle usage.

Using the TrackIt RUC solution will allow you to minimise the amount of working capital sitting on vehicle windscreens by purchasing RUC licences with lower distances more frequently. Shown above is TrackIt’s new RUC timeline screen designed to make the management of RUC purchases and RUC refunds quicker and easier. If using the automatic RUC purchase function, this is a quick visual representation of where each license is at in its timeline for each vehicle.


One of the most labour intensive, time consuming and error-prone processes that any fleet manager must do, is calculating the off-road distance travelled for a vehicle to claim RUC refunds for off-road travel - a process that doesn’t always result in you getting the largest refund.

You are entitled to claim a refund against any RUC licence for travel off a public road. This includes driveways, service stations, carparks and job sites. You’d be surprised how quickly all this off-road travel can add up - a lot of which would never be recorded in manual driver logbooks.

TrackIt’s database contains records of the location of all public roads in New Zealand, which allows us to compare all travel of your vehicles recorded by our advanced GPS tracking devices against that database to know what travel is on public roads and what travel is off-road.

TrackIt’s off-road distance calculator makes the refund process painless, fast and accurate. In most cases TrackIt’s RUC Refund feature is sufficient to cover the cost of implementing our solution, before considering all the other benefits we provide. At least 5% of the distance travelled by most vehicles will generally be off-road.

Road User Charges

Now you can view the status and manage all your Road User Charges (RUC) licences from just one screen. Our automated purchasing and off-road refund claims can be flexibly controlled for every vehicle.

Maximise your off-road refund claims and reduce the amount of money tied up on your windscreens.


West Auckland Cherry Pickers

The savings we made in the first week were about $2,500 - it certainly covered the initial cost by a mile! Cost overruns are being reduced and overall it’s just a great system - we highly recommend it!

Customised Deliveries

After looking at all available options in the market, we are pleased to have formed a partnership with TrackIt for our transport and logistics IT solution. Their features, service, pricing and willingness to work with us stands them out from the crowd - simply excellent!

Ward Demolition

I always suspected that our vehicles did a fair amount of off-road travel, whether driving around on demolition sites or in the yard, but to be honest, I was a little surprised how quickly this all added up. TrackIt paid for itself in fleet administration savings alone.
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