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Are you suspicious of your drivers’ work hours? Are you spending too much on wages every month? Both issues can be addressed with TrackIt. Knowing the exact time each driver starts and ends work, you can be sure that your employees are getting paid what they deserve. Drivers may work harder and you could save money on unnecessary payroll expenditure, as well as ensuring they are taking the driving breaks required.

Companies that rely on employee-submitted timesheets can compare tracking data to claimed time. A few 20-minute nudges here and there can add up across your workforce. By combining location and time based information, fleet owners can track the exact number of hours to charge and verify employee hours worked.

The ability to compare actual delivery times versus pre-set schedules allows for increasing accuracy in providing estimates and timetabling to customers, thus increasing your reliability and accuracy, and their satisfaction.


Our timesheet reports summarise the most valuable information. They automatically record working hours, idling time, speeds, distances travelled, time taken, and much more – in a variety of easy to read reports.

The Timesheet feature will provide insights into staff hours, a high-level view of the working week, and save staff time collating and reconciling timesheets. The overall benefits in terms of reported hours and decreased administration can have a significant positive impact on the organisation.

We have two types of Timesheet reports to help with quicker analysis and decision making:

  • Timesheet Report by Device
  • Timesheet Report by Day

We can easily make custom reports that better meet your needs. The benefits you can expect:

  • Correct information if questioned by customers
  • Staff accountability
  • Automation of reports improving productivity

Implementing a telematics platform has improved workforce management, crew allocation and the ability to properly track costs and estimate new jobs and proposals. The amount of time each employee spends on-site can be tracked more accurately with reports that detail the exact moment an employee’s work truck enters and leaves the site (through Geofencing). This ensures accurate data set to reference the true cost it takes to complete jobs and bid new work more accurately.



The Timeline is a unique view of all vehicle/device/driver activity for a given day allowing you to understand very quickly what time the drivers’/ employees’ day started and finished. View the total drive time or working hours and quickly identify speeding or idling as well as being able to identify the type of patterns that are normal for your type of business and quickly spot outliers.


Timecard data captured through our mobile applications, electronic driver logbooks and device movement data is being fed into a new timesheet generation and approval system. These will directly interface to several payroll systems such as Xero, iPayroll and SmartPayroll. Capturing accurate timesheet data from staff will be quick and easy with little or no paperwork, and supervisor approval becomes a breeze.


The Visit Report by Device summarises the number of visits, total time spent recorded for each defined customer and will help you to maximise your return from resources. This report together with the other TrackIt tools enable you to apply resources appropriately, maximise revenue, reduce costs, and Increase understanding of how time is spent.


West Auckland Cherry Pickers

The savings we made in the first week were about $2,500 - it certainly covered the initial cost by a mile! Cost overruns are being reduced and overall it’s just a great system - we highly recommend it!

Customised Deliveries

After looking at all available options in the market, we are pleased to have formed a partnership with TrackIt for our transport and logistics IT solution. Their features, service, pricing and willingness to work with us stands them out from the crowd - simply excellent!

Ward Demolition

I always suspected that our vehicles did a fair amount of off-road travel, whether driving around on demolition sites or in the yard, but to be honest, I was a little surprised how quickly this all added up. TrackIt paid for itself in fleet administration savings alone.
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The TrackIt platform delivers a powerful suite of tools for managing your mobile workforce and fleet.
Get the most out of your resources by improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and increasing profits.

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